Mind Over Matter Pamphlet

Created a pamphlet that contains all of the University of Tampa’s mental health information.

I¬†was hired to design this pamphlet for the University of Tampa’s student body. The goal of the pamphlet is to provide students one document that contains all the mental health information a student might need and to create an engaging document that would encourage students to keep the pamphlet for future reference. I chose to use an image solely for the back, so students could hang the pamphlet as an inspirational poster in their dorm rooms. This pamphlet then accomplishes two purposes: distributing information and providing a dorm decoration, which increases the likelihood that students will hold onto the pamphlet. I designed this pamphlet using Adobe InDesign, and I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the images in the pamphlet. The pamphlet is 11″x17″ and folded horizontally into six sections for easy distribution.