Design Distinctions Advertising Campaign

I developed copy for various advertising materials for a Tampa Bay Interior Design company, “Design Distinctions.” The owner of Design Distinctions, Susan Jackson, expressed her desire to have her customers stick with her for the entire design process. Her main target audience can be classified as “empty nesters,” which are older parents whose children are now older and moving out.

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Title: Design Distinctions Office

Ad Length: .30

FEMALE VOICE: (SFX FADES INTO BACKGROUND) Hey Carmen, have you finished renovating your old playroom since the kids went off to college?
CARMEN: Ugh, no. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t even know what paint color to choose.
FEMALE VOICE: I know what that’s like. When we turned our basement into a home gym, we called Susan Jackson at Design Distinctions. She helped us through the entire renovation, so it wasn’t stressful at all.
CARMEN: That’s perfect! I’ll call her today.
FEMALE VOICE: Wait, really?
CARMEN: Really.
MALE ANNC: (MUSIC FADES INTO BACKGROUND) Design Distinctions. Call 1-800-DESIGNS today for a free consultation.


Headline: It’s time. Another Thanksgiving like this won’t do.

Image: There’s a Thanksgiving turkey on a small kids’ table with adults by the entrance of the room looking at it. They have concerned expressions on their faces, because they don’t know how they’re going to fit around the small table.

Call to action: Call Design Distinctions for a free consultation to update your home at an affordable price: (813) 416-3319

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Title: Design Distinctions College

Commercial Length: .30

3-year-old boy playing on the floor of his bedroom with toy cars (camera angle from the door at eye-level with an adult)
(camera angle changes to get him playing on the floor with his mom watching him from the door)
(MUSIC) instrumental, nostalgic (UP & OVER)
(SFX) toy cars moving on floor (IN BACKGROUND)
(camera angle changes back to first camera angle) Boy looks at the camera
(camera angle moves to mom’s face)
(camera angle back to first camera angle of just the boy’s room) Empty teenage boy’s room (bed with a mattress and no bedding, a desk with nothing on it, a dresser, empty shelves, empty nightstands)
(MUSIC) fades out
BOY: Mommy? Mommy? (fades out)
TEENAGE BOY: (fades in) Mom? Mom?
(camera angle changes to the teenage boy at the front door with a living room on the left and a kitchen on the right slightly in the frame) Teenage boy with a suitcase and a college sweatshirt (two colors) on (SFX) suburb neighborhood sounds (cars driving by, etc.)
TEENAGE BOY: Almost ready to go mom? The car’s all packed.
(camera angle on mom’s face) Mom looks sad.
Mom looks back at empty room and closes door
MOM: (sighs) Yeah. I’m ready.
Mom in car driving with son in passenger seat
Teenage boy unlocking his dorm’s door
Shot of empty dorm room
(MUSIC) instrumental, more upbeat (UP & OVER)
Shot of empty teenage boy’s room
Fade to same room turned into a painting room (brighter light)
ANNC: It’s okay. Bring life back into your home by transforming that empty space with the help of Design Distinctions.
Mom walks over to an easel with a canvas on it in the painting room holding a box with paints in it in his college colors ANNC: Design Distinctions will help you affordably transform your home to accommodate your changing life.
Teenage boy in his dorm decorated now hanging up a painted canvas of his school’s logo over his bed ANNC: Update your home today and make new memories.
Informational screen with Design
Distinctions logo and contact information (phone number in large font then website and email in smaller font below)
ANNC: Call Design Distinctions at 1-800- DESIGNS for a free consultation